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High Flux, Low operating cost,30% below standard operating pressure, Long Life.

Mainly used for desalination treatment of surface water, groundwater, municipal water, etc. with a salt content of less than 2000mg/L.

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It is applicable to the treatment of water sources such as surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water with salt content below 2000 ppm.

Higher rejection rate and water flow can be obtained under lower operating pressure,which can effectively reduce costs and improve econnmic benefits. The membrane element has good stability and fouling resistance.

It is widely used in packaging water drinking water, boiler make-up water food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

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Model Stable Rejection Min Rejection Permeate  Flow Effective Membrane Area Spacer Thickness Replaceable products
(%) (%) GPD(m³/d) ft2(m2) (mil)
TU3-8040-400 99.5 99.3 10500(39.7) 400(37.2) 34 ECO PRO-400
TU3-8040-440 99.5 99.3 12000(45.4) 440(40.9) 28 ECO PRO-440
TU2-8040-400 99.3 99 12000(45.4) 400(37.2) 34 ULP31-4040
TU1-8040-400 99 98.5 14000(53.0) 400(37.2) 34 YQS-4040
Testing Conditions Operating pressure 150psi( 1.03MPa)
Test solution temperature 2 5 ℃
Test solution concentration (NaCl) 1500ppm
PH value 7-8
Recovery rate of single membrane element 15%
Flow range of single membrane element ±15%
Operating Conditions & Limitis Maximum operating pressure 600 psi(4.14MPa)
Maximum temperature 45 ℃
Maximum feedwater fow Maximum feedwater fow: 8040-75gpm(17m3/h)
SDI15 Maximum feedwater flow SDI15 5
Maximum concentration of free chlorine: <0.1ppm
Allowed pH range for chemical cleaning 3-10
Allowed pH range for feedwater in operation 2-11
Maximum pressure drop per element 15psi(0.1MPa)

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