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Enterprise Culture

Perfect solution, perfect water.

About Culture

In view of water pollution, unavailability of pure drinking water and other water issues, Bangtec decided to devoted itself to solving the global water issues all it' s life. Meanwhile we seize every opportunity to develop ourselves and making steady process in becoming the world's top water purification solutions provider.


The earth's fresh water is in short supply and human beings are paying more and more attention to the safety of drinking water.


To create a safe water experience for customers through membrane technology solutions.


Be faithful, honourabal and careful, till the ultimate goodness.


Company Status

30 acres’ own land, 2.8 hectares’ factory, maximum capacity is planned to 32 million ㎡/year.

The cumulative investment exceeds 100 million and total fixed assets close to 200 million.

100 employees on staff including 6 doctors; 2 R&D centers: Nantong, Los Angeles.

National High-tech Enterprise, 30 authorized invention patents, recognized "Specialized and Special new" enterprise.

Features of Bangtec

Powerful R&D and operations team.
(6 doctors and all executives are from Global 500 or listed companies)

Original manufacturer of membranes.

Always be with our customers and listen to them.