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lt is applicable to brine purification, heavy metal removal, desalination and concentration of materials, recovery of sodium chloride solution and removal of COD in sewage. With a molecular weight cut-off of about 200 dalton, it has a high rejection rate for most divalent and multivalentions, and transmits monovalent salts at the same time.

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Model Stable Rejection Min Rejection Permeate  Flow Effective Membrane Area Spacer Thickness Replaceable products
(%) (%) GPD(m³/d) ft2(m2) (mil)
TN3-4040 98 97.5 2000(7.5) 85(7.9) 34 DK4040F30
TN2-4040 97 96.5 2400(9.1) 85(7.9) 34 DL4040F30
TN1-4040 97 96.5 2700(10.2) 85(7.9) 34 NF270-4040
Testing Conditions Operating pressure 100psi(0.69MPa)
Test solution temperature 25 ℃
Test solution concentration (MgSO4) 2000ppm
PH value 7-8
Recovery rate of single membrane element 15%
Flow range of single membrane element ±15%
Operating Conditions & Limitis Maximum operating pressure 600 psi(4.14MPa)
Maximum temperature 45 ℃
Maximum feedwater fow Maximum feedwater fow: 8040-75gpm(17m3/h)
Maximum feedwater flow SDI15 5
Maximum concentration of free chlorine: <0.1ppm
Allowed pH range for chemical cleaning 3-10
化Allowed pH range for feedwater in operation 2-11
Maximum pressure drop per element 15psi(0.1MPa)

About Us

Jiangsu Bangtec Environmental Sci-Tech Co,Ltd, was founded by Dr. Zhao Huiyu, who is a“high-level talent” in Jiangsu Province and holds adoctorate degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences.The company brings together manyhigh-level talents and top experts in the industryfrom China and other countries.

We are committed to the research and commercial development of high-end nano separation membrane products and promotion of application with system solutions.

Our products include ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis membrane and energy-saving reverse osmosis membrane, salt lake lithium extraction nanofiltration membrane and a series of innovative membrane products.

Why Choose Us

01. Understanding our customers
Application technology team with 14years’ experience
Coverage: membrane systems, biochemistry, chemical, EDI
Understanding users’ pain points

02. Original innovation of core materials
Independent research and development of membrane sheets
Continuous and stable manufacturing capability
Customization capabilities for specific needs

03. Product features
More resistant to chemical cleaning, coping with complex water quality
Lower energy consumption, more economical

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